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To Paint The Portrait of a Bird, through an agreement with Shorts International, is now available for download at the ITunes Store!

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Loose Moon Productions announces the release of To Paint the Portrait of a Bird, a short film directed by Seamus McNally inspired by the poem by Jacques Prévert (Pour faire le portrait d’un oiseau). T.D. White is the Executive Producer.

Available in both English, French (translation by Beat Generation poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti), and now in Italian (translation by actor Vincenzo Amato {Respiro}) ... with narrations by students of the United Nations International School...  the film focuses on a ten year old boy (Antoine Ray), who observes, unseen – as an aging, reclusive painter ventures into the woods to make one final masterpiece, seeking divine affirmation that his life as an artist has not been in vain. The bird of the title hovers around the story, guiding both the painter and the young poet.

Employing a mixture of imagery, voice-over narration, and original music by Lance Horne, the film offers a cinematic, sensory interpretation of the classic poem. To Paint the Portrait of a Bird was filmed in 35mm by cinematographer Jonathon Cliff – other credits include: The Hypnotist, Monkey Warfare, and Brian DePalma’s Redacted, to name a few.

Director Seamus McNally explains: “The real challenge was to render in cinematic form a classic poem without getting in its way – especially one as sparse and subtle as 'To Paint The Portrait of a Bird'.” Mr. McNally, who once worked extensively on the New York Stage (The Living Theater) and in independent films, was a partner in Ritual Films, adapting works of fiction for the screen. His previous directing work includes the world premiere of Suicide Sam at Axis Theatre, the short film The Hypnotist (Official Selection of the Montreal World Film Festival, 2003) and The Memory of Honey, a multimedia production that opened at New York City’s Culture Project in 2005.

“As artists we all struggle with whether our choices and our art have any meaning, and this film is a visual exploration of that question”, says actor and Executive Producer T.D. White. White, a New York actor who works frequently at La Mama, appeared most recently in David Mamet’s “Reunion” and “Dark Pony”. He has appeared on network TV and in studio and independent films. He is also a playwright (“Murder by Word of Mouth”, “Twyla Morgan, C.D.,”, “The No Zone”) and recently translated Jean Julien’s 1889 naturalist manifesto, “Le Theatre Vivant”, into English.

Jacques Prévert was a poet (collections entitled “Paroles” and “Fatras”) and screenwriter (Les enfants du paradis – Children of Paradise, Le jour se lève, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1956). He also wrote lyrics for many classic songs, including “Autumn Leaves”. Translator Lawrence Ferlinghetti is the founder of City Lights Books in San Francisco and is best known’s for his poetry and for his friendships with other writers of the Beat generation including Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Gregory Corso.

LATEST NEWS: Gaelic and Spanish versions are now in production.    Over 100 schools throughout America and Canada are now using "To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" as a teaching supplement for instructing art, poetry, film and language.

"... unique ... beautifully rendered ... gorgeous score ...convincing performances ...this sweet, subtle and mesmerizing film explores the meaning of art ...Recommended." Library Journal, Feb. 15, 2010

"The acting is superb ...Simple yet sophisticated, this cinematic masterpiece is a rare find ... " School Library Journal, Nov. 2008, p.64.

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Executive Producer
Loose Moon Productions, Inc.
142 E.27th St. #5D
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