Theatrical Dramaturgy; Live Productions


Dramaturgical Adventures:

At the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, we staged the last act of “The Glass Menagerie” with the premise that Tom and the Gentleman Caller run into each other many years later.  Their reminiscence takes us right into the very heart of the play. 

In Central Park with Kobun Kaluza’s Al Dente Productions, we staged Act One of Corneille’s 17th Century play, “El Cid,” on the ledge of the Obelisk. 

“Aisle Take Manhattan” was produced in the Red Room on East 4th Street: theatrical snapshots, time capsules of the skinny island in 1889 in “The Mouse-trap” by William Dean Howells, in 1964 in Don Nigro’s “The Banana Man” in which Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett discuss their collaboration on Beckett’s “FILM.”  These pieces sandwiched among three short films shot in Manhattan, “Dinner on the Riviera” by T. D. White,  “Buster in ‘The Empty Space,’” shot by Trevor Clifford, and “Private Eyes,” by Sam Hayes.

In a sound equipment warehouse in Long Island City, we re-enacted for an evening in New York style the fine French theatrical tradition of the Salon.  “Salon Soiree” featured songs by chanteuse Alexandra Deglise-Umber, a Jacques Brel by T. D. White (“Fanette”), a reading of part of Peter Dizozza’s  “A Question of Solitude” (a satiric look at the James Bond films), and music with pianists Matthew Ward and Rod Williams, guitar by Adam Hill and sitar by Gargi Shinde. 

A second Salon Soiree was held a year later at The Cell Theatre in Manhattan where a rough cut of T. D. White’s short film, “Dinner on the Riviera,” was screened and in which the very same actors in the film (now in live and very different roles) performed a reading of Macchiavelli’s 16th century play, “Clizia” (where the bad guy gets it in the end).  Music with Matthew Ward and T. D. White.

During the The Horse Trade Theater’s annual Frigid Festival we put up a first look of “Will at Work” which takes a modern audience to the back stage, the ‘tiring house,‘  of the 1599 Globe Theatre during a performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” - actors are costuming, cutting up, performing first reads of Shakespeare’s new works in progress, “Hamlet” and “Henry V.”

“Yikes, Yeats!”  Winter 2006 at The American Theater of Actors on 54th Street in Manhattan, we staged a production of David Mamet’s “Reunion” introduced by a voice over of “Dark Pony” in the dark.  While in rehearsal, in conversation  with Kobun Kaluza who was working tech for the a show, we lamented the fact that when you rent a space for a week or so, you get so little value, using it for only the show.  So what else could you do with the potential time?  An idea emerged to have actors and staff after “Reunion” begin a conversation about exactly that topic and let it evolve into an organic production in and of itself.  Kate Reilly, Kobun and T. D. White after each show pretended to be a theatre company counting the night’s receipts, looking for an idea, needing a two character piece, searching, rejecting, someone happens upon a Yeats’ piece, “Purgatory,” one of Yeats’ last,  we began to do an impromptu reading, up on our feet, the reading of Kobun as the son and T. D. White as his Irish father came alive and we suddenly went off book until the play became fully 3rd dimensional before the audience’s eyes. 

Performance History; An Archive:

December 10-13, 2011 as Luka, the elderly servant in the Drama League production of "The Bear" by Anton

Chekhov at the Arts Center.


As of November 1, 2011, Loose Moon Productions will also be doing business as The Lakhota Sound Recording Company with three experienced audio technicians, former graduates of The School of Visual Arts. Go to to see the top quality equipment we offer professionals in Film, TV and Commercial production.


October 2, 2011: I'll Take Manhattan at the Red Room for successive Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, through October 11, featuring William Dean Howell's "The Mouse-trap" (1889), "The Banana Man" featuring the characters of Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett in a Greenwich Village 1964 restaurant, plus rough cut screenings of three newshort films shot in Manhattan in 2010 -- "Private Eyes" by Sam Hayes, "Abigail" by Joe Quartararo, and "Dinner onthe Riviera" by T. D. White


July 28-30.  At the Classic Stage Theatre on 13th Street for three live performances of Kobun Kaluza's

new play, Red Ass: The College Years, a wildly imaginative adaptation of The Second Book of Esdras from the Apocrypha.  I'll be Great Bear (Uriel), and work with Jena Axelrod and Kevin Bohl of the Brooklyn Inn. $18.


June 7.  In Prague with Martin Zetek shooting stone work for inclusion in Dinner on the Riviera.


April 6. At the Cell Theatre on 23rd St. between 8th and 9th, a reading series curated by Gargi Shinde

 featuring the short work of James Farrell and a full length by Kevin Daly.  Songs by Randy Newman and

Jacques Brel.


March 4.  As "Balkis" in Michael Bettencourt's A Round of Slaughter, March 4 at 7 PM, Reverie Productions, 236West 78th St. 


February 14, 2010 -go to to see a one minute film shot, produced and directed

by Adam Hill for a competition -- it's called "Exchange," (or "Penny for Your Thoughts").  I'm in it for a blink or two, but it's worth seeing for its concept, the shooting and the terrific edit. 


January 27, 2010 - singing with Peter Dizozza's Steppe Dogges at the Sidewalk Cafe, 6th and Avenue A, 9 PM, as "Uncle James," Bond's uncle, scene one of  "A Question of Solitude," Dizozza's satire on the James Bond genre movies.


January 5, 2010 - in production!  Italian version of "Jacques Prevert's To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" with translation by Vincenzo Amato ( "Respiro," "Einstein"). 


December 15 - concert-style reading of composer/playwright Peter Dizozza's take-off on the James Bond movies, "A Question of Solitude", with Cary Gant, Lee Beebout,  Kat Yen, John-Andrew Morrison, Jason Howard, Jenne Marie Vath and others at La Ma Ma experimental theatre club for reading series Experiments  curated by George Ferencz.  T. D. White as James Bond's 77 year old uncle. 7: 30 at 74 East 4th St., betw. 2nd and Bowery.  Great original music.


November 21 -  Salon Soiree! -- Saturday evening screening of "Jacques Prevert's To Paint the Portrait of a Bird"along with poems and songs, with chanteuse Alexandra Deglise-Umber, T. D. White, Peter Dizozza, Mike Allen Hill, Gargi Shinde's sitar trio featuring pianists Rod Williams, Matthew Ward  -- "Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive!" A New York City modern re-enactment of a fine French theatrical tradition.


October 13 - reading of "The Dutch Play" by Owa at La Mama e.t.c. 74 East 4th St.  - free.  I'll be an early settler in the "New Netherlands."  7:30 PM


October 9 - Friday, 4 PM reading of  "Straw House" by Glenn English, at Primary Stages, 307 W. 38th St. to be directed by Seamus McNally


March 31, 2009 - T. D. White as James Bond's 77 year old uncle in readings of  experimental plays at La Mama,e.t.c., at 74 East 4th St., 7:30 PM -- FREE -- Peter Dizozza's A QUESTION OF SOLITUDE --and April 1 as the Guard in ETRUSCAN LOVERS by Cynthia Hanson.


"Live ... at the Cockpit: Will at Work with The Lord Chamberlain's Men" ... at the Frigid Fest in late February 2009.  You'll be visiting the dressing room ('tiring house') of the Globe Theatre in 1599 at the end of a performance ofMidsummer Night's Dream, Act V, sc. i ... "the most lamentable comedy and cruel death of Pyramus and Thisby" for Part I.  In Part II you can watch Shakespeare direct first read-throughs of newly composed scenes from the plays he was working on at the time, "Henry V," and "Hamlet."   In Part III we'll all head off to The Mermaid Tavern for Shakespeare's on site direction of "Falstaff" and "Prince Hal."  Visit frequently and often for updates.  Call Smarttix for tickets: 212-868-4444.


Currently running on College Humor Videos (CH-TV), T. D. White as "Bookman Old Style" in Font

Conference and as the Teacher in POV of Student.


T. D. White cast as "Rick" the ex-Army Dad in "I Love You, Petty, and Favre" which will enjoy five performances during the 2008 Fringe Festival August 8 @ 7PM, Aug. 13 @ 3PM, Aug. 14 @ 5:15, Aug. 17 @ 9:15, Aug. 23 @ 12 Noon at the Barrow Street Theatre in the Village.  Google title website for exact

schedule and ticket information.


"Jacques Prevert's To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" will be in competition at the 25th Annual Avignon

Film Festival in Provence, France June 25-29, and will also be screened at Cannes May 14-27.


April 23- May 11, 2008.  T. D.White as "Hank Jones" in the Equity Showcase, "Bordertown."  Tickets

obtainable at SmartTix.  


WINNER!! "To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" is BEST SHORT FILM at the New York/Avignon Film Festival!  We'll be taking the film to Avignon, France in June with our 2007 Filmmaker's Achievement Award tucked under our arm.   


October 2007 - "To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" was an Official Selection of the Mill Valley (San Rafael, California) Film Festival, October 9 at 5PM at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center and

at 5PM October 12 at  Cine Arts @ Sequoia.


And ... as an Official Selection of the Woodstock Film Festival, "Bird" screened October 12 in Hunter,

New York, at 6:45 PM  and 11:15 AM, October 13 in the town of Woodstock.


August 2007 - "To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" is an Official Selection of the Montreal World Film Festival.


May 2007 - new on DVD - Poetry in motion -- "To Paint the Portrait of a Bid," a cinematic homage to one of the world's most cherished poems (by Jacques Prevert), filmed in 35 mm. Seamus McNally, Director. T. D.

White, Executive Producer.  Jonathon Cliff, Director of Photography.  Original Music by Lance Horne. 


March 5 - staged reading at La Mama e.t.c. of "Deirdre" by Margaret McCarthy.  With Tom White as the

Irish Chieftain, "King Conchobor."  King of Ireland at last! 


December 11, 2006: T. D. White as Narrator/Professor in "Stars in a Dark Sky" by R. E. Vickers at the Payan Theatre, 7:30 PM,  Roy Arias Studios, 300 West 43rd St.,  directed by Melanie Moyer Williams. Go to


May 13 2006, a Saturday at 3PM, at The Red Room, 85 E. 4th St. above the KGB Bar and the Kraine Theatre, a reading of Kobun Aloka Kaluza's new play On the Ground with Evie Aronson, Delia Baseman, Kevin Bohl, Nicole Shalhoub, Emilie Unteweger, Allison Walton and T. D. White.  Life is probably too short for

On the Ground, but if you're into odd dramatic constructions, a little Cocteau, a little Kozinski, and watching actors fumble for understanding, then this baby's not to be missed.


March 19 at 7PM, three plays by Kobun Kaluza at the Seventh Street Small Stage, 43 E. 7th St., betw. 2nd and 3rd Aves., $10.,  Brown for the Blues, Driftwood, and The Training Wheel Cycle (with

Evie Aronson, Kevin Bohl, Sasha Dobson, Jordan Hall, Nicole Shalhoub, T. D. White).


February 5 and 6 at 7PM Mylosovic (the anatacid; not the bad guy) by T. D. White will be produced

as part of the competition among the entries accepted into the Strawberry One-Act Festival at the Pro-

ducers Club II at 616 Ninth Ave., between 43rd and 44th Sts.  Tickets are $15 and available at 646-

623-3488 or by going to and clicking on "Strawberry Festival."  Wanna

see a casting director fall in love?  Ouch.  With Kevin Bohl as Lloyd Berkeley, the stiff upper-lipped Briton, Jenna Friedenberg as a stressed out NYC casting director, Damani Rivers as a former NFL tight end named Quinan Malik; introducing Matt Pozzi as Billy Bond, Twyla's "gopher."


February 12 will house within its time, at 3PM, the annual staged reading of Kobun Kaluza's St. Valentine and the Wildebeest, at the Seventh Street Small Stage in celebration of "stupid Cupid" day.  Tom White is now too long in the tooth to play Earvin according to the powers that be (Kobun and Tom), so Earvin will be read/performed by Kevin Bohl and Tom will "direct."   Jenna Friedenberg has something else (better?) to do that day, so Emilie Unterweger will bring  new personality to the day nanny, Kirsten, while Evie Earonson will revive her 2002 rendering of Florence. 


Dec. 6-12, 2004 producing and performing in two one-acts by David Mamet written in the mid-seventies, REUNION and DARK PONY, at the Beckmann Theatre of the American Theatre of Actors, 314 W. 54th St., NYC, 2nd Fl., a 35 seat, brick-lined, intimate space.  $15.  Call

1-212-213-5190 for reservations.  


Staged reading of Kobun Aloka Kaluza's "St. Valentine and the Wildebeest" at the Sanford Meisner Theatre 5PM Sunday February 13.


Concert-style cold reading of Noel Coward's 1930 "sophisticated" but highly existential comedy "Private Lives" at the Brewist Monk's Stage on 7th Street a few doors East from McSorley's Old Ale House,

March 6, 3PM


At the Seventh Street Small Stage, Sunday March 20 at 3PM an enactment of the 15th century French farce, "TheWorthy Master Pierre Patelin."


April 3, at the Seventh Street Small Stage, 7th St. at 2nd Ave., the premier reading of Kobun Aloha Kaluza's SONNY'S DREAM, with an owl and a turnip and who the hell knows what else, 3pm


April 11, readings of T. D. White's blak mal (a ridiculous "Michael Jackson" play with Police Commissioner

Kelly and Porter Goss, Al Bino, and the Fur Lady)  and MYLOSOVIC where a casting director seeks a

voice for an antacid but finds love and romance, 8pm, at the Seventh Street Small Stage


May 1, at the Seventh Street Small Stage, a performed reading of Eugene Ionesco's THE LESSON, with Jenna Friedenberg as the Pupil, T. D. White as the Professor, and Angela Dee as "the Maid." 


July 17, at the Seventh Street Small Stage, a performed reading of THE MOUSETRAP by William Dean

Howells, with Alie Carey, Brena Gannam, AllisonWalton, T. D. White, Cristina Duarte and Cobey Flynn.


September 11 "deconstruction" of the 17th Century neo-classic LE CID by Pierre Corneille at Cleopatra's Needle

in Central Park with Kobun Kaluza, Nicole Shalhoub and T. D. White.  Go to ""

and click on "7th Street" to view 20 minute tape. 


December 17, Kobun Kaluza's new Inert Dementia at the Seventh Street Small Stage with T. D.

White as a tree, Alicia St. Louis, Jordan Hall, Delia Baseman, Nicole Shalhoub and Kevin Bohl.


February 5 and 6, 2006, MYLOSOVIC by T. D. White will complete in the Strawberry One-Act Festival

produced by the Riant Theatre, featuring Kevin Bohl as "Lloyd Berkeley," Jenna Friedenberg as "Twyla," a stressed out New York City casting director, and Damani Rivers as "Quinan Malik."



Plans active to film THE NO ZONE by T. D. White, a 39-page, one-act site-specific play; to be quickly followed by the filming of MURDER BY WORD OF MOUTH.


Looking for restaurant space to produce THE CHERRY ORCHARD.


Completed work on Master's project, a translation of Jean Jullien's 1889 theatrical essay LE THEATRE VIVANT December 2005earning T. D. White an M.A. in the Theatre Arts!  Yay!


"To Paint the Portrait of a Bird," a fifteen minute short film now in post-production, available March 2007. 


Scripting PUT ME ON PAUSE - a videotape of exercises actors can use daily to improve their vocal



Also in development:


MISTRESS QUICKLY'S - an evening with Bardolph, Hal, Pym and Falstaff in a restaurant near you. 


THE OCTOROON, a postmodern deconstruction of Dion Boucicault's 1859 abolitionist blockbuster


CALL BACK! - live cabaret-style staging of an audition callback for a revival of the 1948 revue "Angel

in the Wings" by Bob Sigman and Carl Hilliard which featured Elaine Stritch  


JESUS CHRIST! - premise is the unwitting return to Earth, Grand Central Station specifically, of a sleepy savior


blak mal   -  Michael Jackson and "Al Bino" are kidnapped and taken hostage by the "Fur Lady" 


CLIZIA by Machiavelli.  If you enjoy watching the Ken Lay's of the world get grilled, you'll love this 16th century

gem that will be produced in  modernesque commedia dell-arte  ...


FRIEZE -- fragments from New Comedy, circa 100 A.D.