1. Imaginative non-traditional educational films celebrating and preserving art forms and artists, painters, playwrights, poets and performers.  Here’s a tryptych of art period styles ... traditional, abstract, post-modern, respectively.

  1. 2.Operating also as The Lakhota Camera and Sound Recording Company, we offer top quality production services from script to post: cameras, crews, and fine sound recording for film, TV, advertising, and live events.  Editing systems too: Avid, Adobe, Final Cut Pro.   Go to www.lakhotafilm.com for equipment lists and more information.

4. Fiction by T.D. Whitehttp://livepage.apple.com/

5. Reel, Resume of T.D. White (www.tdwhite.info)

Banana ManBANANA_MAN.html

dba The Lakhota Camera & Sound Recording Company

142 E 27th St., NYC 212-213-5190 LooseMoonTnT@aol

  1. 3.Films in Pre-Production and Development:

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Last Licks (teaser shot Nov. 2015) ... Murder by Word of Mouth ... Executive Compensation (based on Macchiavelli’s “Clizia”)... Will at Work ... Some Things Are Sacred ... Matt Talbot of Dublin ... The Crock of Gold ... Melpomene ...  Twyla Morgan CD ... The Mouse-trap

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