Loose Moon Films


  1. To Paint the Portrait of a Bird, 15 mins.

  2. Dinner on the Riviera, 13 mins.

  3. Buster in the Empty Space, 3 mins.

  4. *Banana Man: Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton Make “FILM,” 27 mins

  5. *Without Scars by Tanya Everett, 2015, 13 mins


Last Licks, feature

Murder by Word of Mouth, feature

Executive Compensation (based on Macchiavelli’s 16th C. play, “Clizia,” feature

Scripts in Development

  1. *Some Things Are Sacred, baseball feature

  2. *Will at Work, feature

  3. *Matt Talbot of Dublin, docudrama

* Twyla Morgan, C.D. TV pilot

  1. The Farce of the Worthy Master Pierre Patelin, short film

  2. The Crock of Gold, adaptation of the James Stephens’ novel

  3. The Mouse-trap, short

  4. Melpomene, short

Distributed By Loose Moon Productions

  1. The Hypnotist by Seamus McNally

  2. The Candy Flip by Joe Quartararo DVD

  3. Exchange by Adam Hall

  4. Private Eyes by Sam Hayes

  5. Breath by Alli Haapasalo

  6. Charity by Joe Quartararo

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