Dinner On The Riviera



... a writer’s progress ... four short pictures ... ( “Ex and the City,” “Amen,” “No Menus Please” and “Dinner on the Riviera”) ... are woven oh so loosely into this jazz-like con-

struction that features a woman who enjoys imagining the ways in which her ex-husband might exit Earth so she can get her rent stabilized apartment back ... a priest lay dying, three “wise men” visit ... a workin' man has had it up to here ...  the writer remembers, invents, imagines, observes as he sits on a stoop between drinks ...a street psychotic approaches and addresses the ancient gods he believes reside in a building “on the other side” ... these are local people on the verge, or beyond .... are they real, imagined, memories, spirits?  No Vermeer here ... more like a busted-up Braque in this contemporary cityscape that uses principles of late 19th Century French Naturalism,  the “comedie rosse” (i.e., “the nasty play”), in particular.


By T. D. White, shot by Lily Gist. January, 2012,  13 minutes. 

Budget: $10M


Also selected by New Filmmakers for Spring Series at the Anthology Film Archive

2014 Official Selection of The Lower East Side Film Festival at Theater for the New City


"Circe, Circe, Daughter of the Sun"

                                                                                                                                                                             -Painting by Stephen Lloyd Smith