Where The Eastern Mind Meets the Western Word (Mystical Musings of a 21st Century Druid) with Wet Money: Saloon Shorts and “Memoir-ials”  -  $12.95

(Word play, short fictions)

From “Free Parking,” p.41:

“ ... one night, and it took a while, another biker caught on,

then there were three until one night I counted nine bikes parkin’ there for free ...  but nothing good or right lasts forever.  One night a couple of blues at two in the morning are lookin’ at the bikes scratchin’ their heads and really looking stupid.  They can’t issue a ticket; there’s no sign there after Mason ripped it up, so they’re writin’ down license numbers, they just can’t stand it that in a large city in America

nine bikes have found a way to park for free.  They can’t stand it when they’re not makin’ money off us.  Sure, there’s a sign there now: “NO STANDING.”  All in red. I think of it as Mason’s grave marker, like one a them flagsticks you see on a golf green in the country.”    

The Lady and the Lion: The Allegory of the Hour and the True Spirit of America, $10.

“If one would know the heart and mind of America, one should learn baseball.”  -- Jacques Barzun

(short novel, screenplay entitled “Some Things Are Sacred”)

p. 13:

“A very bright light shimmered about the pitcher’s mound, but catcher Nolan Walker saw the Sun, and then his entire mind opened as he looked out toward third and first bases, realizing that they were Mars and Venus, and then he saw it, clearly, in this ninety degree astral quadrant, the planets, and Home Plate the Earth Itself, all hovering and suspended in the air about him.  It was the amazing moment to realize in an instant that baseball is a two dimensional representation of our solar system and that it couldn’t have been “invented” by Americans, it had to have evolved from the mind of primitive, pagan, man.  And, if that were so, the game was a rite, a ritual, a sacred ceremony.  A Way.“